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Inconsistent Umpiring - New Zealand's Jeremy Coney calls the umpire’s bluff in West Indies

Inconsistent Umpiring

Inconsistent Umpiring - M. WELLINGS points a finger at some’ batsmen's ‘pretend’ play 15 years ago a change was made to the lbw law which complicated the job of the umpires while doing nothing to improve cricket. The change...
Judah Reuben – Umpire of Credit Performing a Hat Trick at Calcutta

Judah Reuben – Credit Performing a Hat Trick at Calcutta

To Judah Reuben goes the credit of performing a “hat trick” at the Eden Gardens, in the sense that he has umpired the last three Tests that have ‘been played, in Calcutta. Judah Reuben, who is a fingerprint expert...


Ian Chappell on the Death of Nawab Tiger Pataudi

I was saddened to hear about the death of The Nawab Tiger Pataudi. The cricket world has lost a good ‘un ‘in tiger passing....