Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad Involved in a disgraceful incident

Dennis Lillee kicks Pakistan captain Javed Miandad. That’s creating a massive controversy and acrimony that has plagued the last two series between Australia and Pakistan. It blew up again in the first Test in Perth when Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee and Pakistan captain Javed Miandad were involved in a disgraceful incident. The clash occurred during the afternoon session when Miandad played a ball from Lillee to the square leg and started to run a single. But before he could complete the he was fined £120 By Roger Heywood, in Perth run, Lillee wheeled into him.
Pakistan manager Ijaz Butt asked about Javed Miandad‘s involvement. Under Australian cricket’s new code of conduct, Lillee’s teammates considered the umpires’ report and fined Lillee £120 but declined to suspend him because they felt he had acted under provocation. Miandad brushed the Australian aside with his bat, Lillee spinning around and swinging his arm without making contact.
And, although umpire Tony Crafter stepped between the two men, Lillee managed to kick Miandad behind his left leg. The Pakistan captain then raised his bat above his head, appearing to threaten Lillee, Both umpires later reported Lillee for his behavior and also complained with After hearing of the fine, Mr. Butt said: “If Lillee had been one of my players, he would not play Test cricket again.”
Mr. Butt complained about Lillee’s conduct earlier in the match—his “mimicking, clapping and antics of sitting on the pitch”. Greg Chappell, the Australian captain, said. “Javed provoked the incident, and we are very strong in our condemnation.” Unhappy with Denis Lillee’s lenient punishment, the umpires appealed to the Australian Board of Control. Lillee threatened to quit cricket if he was suspended, but when he was—for two one-day matches—he didn’t!
Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad Involved in a disgraceful incident
Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad Involved in a disgraceful incident. Source