Javed Miandad – An Inspiration to Cricket Fans Worldwide

Out of the shining stars in the galaxy of Pakistani cricket, the one to shine brighter for decades has undoubtedly been Javed Miandad, whose uniqueness is of no comparison. In the mind game, Javed Miandad exclusively remained dominant. Stuffed with a blend of patriotic approach and simple nature, his brilliance was of great class not only on the ground but beyond as well. Javed Miandad’s charismatic character remains prominent despite his retirement almost twenty-seven years ago.
Unfortunately, unseen powers have remained active against him ever since the day he entered the cricket grounds, yet his popularity exists even today. No one can forget his role as a unique coach in the late 1990s, when he used to be standing always like a soccer coach and kept directing the players on every ball basis. The outstanding performance of
The Pakistan team in India then was doubtless due to his fantastic coaching. Claiming, he brought new dimensions and innovation to the field of coaching. wouldn’t be part of the exaggeration. Miandad, on the one hand, apparently possessed a remarkable record both in one-day and test cricket; he did have some hidden features too, the other way around, that common cricket lovers might not observe.
He was the first in ODI cricket to rotate the strike with short singles in a way to spoil the placement of the field that used to be damaging for any bowler to maintain his line and length. This technique of Miandad was to give an opportunity to the batsman, on the other hand, to exploit the inconvenience of the bowler, whose mental capacity had been hijacked due to the short singles taken by Miandad.
Javed Miandad smacking a mighty six off the final ball of the match bowled by India's Chetan Sharma.
Javed Miandad smacked a mighty six off the final ball of the match, off Chetan Sharma.
The strategy of believing in the worth of singles was later adopted by the Australians, who exclusively ruled over the game of cricket for many years. He often seemed around Imran Khan in placing the field. During the 1992 World Cup 1992, he was always there to suggest to Imran Khan how to place the field and whom to call for the bowline. What was really amazing to see was that he always used to take the batsman on another hand.
Behind the couple of decisive and historical innings of lnzamam-ul-Haq was Javed Miandad, who’s on record. Diverting the attention of a batsman with his funny remarks was also one of his tactics to get the real objectives. Had there been as much active social media as there is now, we can see that Javed Miandad would have been the most viral figure on a daily basis. Generally, the Indian cricket team is considered to be better than the Pakistan team, but yet again, many don’t know that even today, Pakistan stands far ahead as far as statistics are concerned.
Bringing a total count of victories in all forms of cricket between Pakistan and India, Pakistan almost stands twenty matches ahead of India, and quite interestingly, this difference has especially been due to the dominating figure, whose six in Sharjah on the last ball of Chetan Sharma back on April 18, 1986, to win the final of the Australasia Cup kept haunting India for years to come. And the one to explain this difference was none other than Javed Miandad. Without a doubt, even India today is hesitant to play against Pakistan in a neutral venue due to the bitter experiences that were brought to them by Javed Miandad and Imran Khan.
Javed Miandad became the youngest batsman to score a first-class triple-century when he achieved the feat for Karachi Whites against National Bank at Karachi at the age of 17 years 310 days.
Javed Miandad became the youngest batsman to score a first-class triple-century when he achieved the feat for the Karachi Whites against the National Bank at Karachi at the age of 17 years, 310 days.
Speaking honestly, there have been conspiracies against Javed Miandad ever since the day he shone like a bright star. And the reason behind this, undoubtedly, is that no one stands in comparison when it comes to dealing with the game of cricket. He, to an immeasurable extent, is a cricketing brain who has just one master copy.
When he comes into action, no one can stand against his blasting genius. So, his seen and unseen opponents have the reason to create hurdles in letting him take a strong charge of PCB. But it is an undeniable fact that the only one to bring in proper order the stumbling blocks of Pakistan Cricket into stepping stones is none other than the Mighty Javed Miandad.
Source: Rafi Qureshi