Both wicket-keepers Bagged Pairs in Test Cricket

Both wicket-keepers failed to score in either inning of the England vs Ireland Test at Lord’s. Both Wicket-keepers bagged pairs in Test Cricket. What do you think, has this ever happened before? Well, this is the first time in the history of Test cricket when both wicket-keeper baggings pairs. The fate of both wicket keepers – England Jonny Bairstow and Ireland Gary Wilson bagging pairs in the action-packed match at Lord’s in July 2019 was a first in Test cricket.
The earlier low for wicket keepers in a Test Match was when both batted twice was two runs, in a match in Kanpur in 1959-60. Indian wicket-keeper Naren Tamhane scored 1 and 0, however, Australian Barry Jarman scored 1 and 0. Moreover, wicket keepers contributed three runs in Port-of-Spain in 2001-02, when West Indies wicket-keeper Junior Murray made 0 and 1, while Indian Ajay Ratra scored 0 and 2. So, this is quite an interesting record made, which is no one likes to equal. Check out the Scorecard of this historic test match at Cricinfo. Ireland bowled out just 38, the lowest score at home of cricket Lord’s. 
Source: Wikipedia