Darren Gough Life Lines

This lifeline of Darren Gough was published in “The Cricketer” in Dec 2000. Darren Gough is one of the crowd favorites; whenever he comes to the ball, the entire stadium backs him.

You will enjoy the thoughts of Darren Gough when he was young and had great ambitions.

    • Most Memorable day in Cricket:


My first one-day international and my first test match were both against New Zealand in 1994. My ambition in life was to play for my country, and I felt very proud. In the Sydney Test, if scoring 51 was great, taking 6 for 49 was even better. It was my first five-wicket haul in test cricket and put me on the honors board. When I got my fifth wicket, I said a little prayer.

  • Worst Day in Cricket:

England A vs. Natal on South Africa’s A tour. Martin Bicknell broke down after two overs, which left us with just three bowlers. I ended with figures of one for 139 off 39 overs.

  • Cricketing Heroes:

Ian Botham, Sir Richard Hadlee, Malcolm Marshall

  • Greatest Influence on Cricket:

My wife is Anna. She made me realize that to get to the top, you have to work hard.

  • The current player you admire is:

Allan Donald

  • Young Cricketers for the Future to Play for England:

Michael Vaughan, Chris Silverwood, Richard Johnson, and Mal Loye

  • Cricketing Ambitions:

Play-Well for England in Test Cricket

  • Favorite Grounds:

Lord’s for its history and great lunches; New Road, Worcester, Newlands in Cape Town, MCG in Australia

  • Least Favorite Ground:

Middleborough—I never bowl well there, and it’s always cold.

  • A complaint against Cricket:

One bouncer per over, two runs for a no-ball are not enough in the game compared to other sports, and 20 minutes is not long enough for tea.

  • A most embarrassing moment in life:

Having to make a speech at my wedding

  • Hobbies and interests:

Golf, Football, Watching Movies

  • Favorite Pastime:

Going to the movies, eating out, relaxing at home with my wife

  • Other Sports you followed:

Football of course

  • Other Sports People you admired:

Kevin Costner, Nick Faldo, Glenn Hoddle, Wayne Morton, and the Yorkshire physio.

  • Favorite Car:

Ford Mondo 1.8TD and Ford Sierra 2.0i GHIA

  • Favorite Food:

Mexican and Italian

  • Preferred Clothes:

Jeans and T-shirts

  • The newspaper you Read:


  • Favorite holidays Spot:

Ireland, America, Perth, and Cape Town

  • Motto in life:

Treat others as you would expect others to treat you.

  • You’re a Favorite Hotel:

The Swallow, Birmingham

  • How in your wildest dreams would you most like to spend a day/night?

I would win a million at a casino, retire from cricket and live a life of pleasures. And I would like to fly a jet fighter.

  • You’re a Favorite Magazine:

I like The Cricketer International

  • Any Pet Hates:

My dog chewing

  • Funniest moment in Cricket:

Rolling Peter Hartley into the bowl in a shopping trolley the innings after he had just bowled 41 overs before play along with Martyn Moxon, our captain.

This lifeline of Darren Gough was published in “The Cricketer” in Dec 2000.
This lifeline of Darren Gough was published in “The Cricketer” in Dec 2000.

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